Venetian Blinds

Just like Venice, our extensive range of Venetian blinds is elegant and classic in design. A popular option for any room in the home, these shades are simple and attractive and just as practical as vertical or roller blinds. In fact, they are extremely easy to maintain and are a great alternative to curtains as they can simply be wiped clean.

Venetian Blinds are supplied using an aluminium headrail with cord controls for lift and a rod for slat opening and closing. Functionality on venetian blinds can be more specific with a choice of positions for the controls. The simple clean lines are ideally suited to classical homes with traditional features as these types of blinds do not distract or cover the original features around older windows, likewise venetians can add to the modern lines and textures offered by the latest homes and apartments and compliment the new technologies being used to make windows and their frames.


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