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Do you need new curtain poles?
The thought of selecting curtain poles might seem at first like a mundane task. After all, you might be thinking to yourself, aren't all curtain rods basically the same?

In home decorating, the small details are the most important to get right. After all, when all the little things come together, you'll find yourself with a finished room that looks gorgeous. So choosing curtain poles that enhance the features of the interior will help ensure you end up with a room in which you love to spend your time.

Our collection includes beautiful items from manufacturers such as Swish and Sunflex, and we have everything you need to decorate your room in whatever style you desire: from traditional and comfortable to chic and sophisticated.

Choosing the right curtain poles
When selecting curtain poles, you'll find that there is a huge range to choose from. You'll want to consider the decorative style of the room, as well as the shade and design of the window treatments in order to find curtain rods that look just right.

Metal curtain poles can give a sleek and modern look to a room or a charming antique style, depending on the design you choose. Options include steel, silver, brass, gold and copper rods.

Or for a natural yet refined appearance, why not select wooden curtain poles in one of the many timber finishes available? Choose from rods in natural oak or pine, as well as painted black or white.

You'll also want to consider the type of finial for the end of your curtain poles. For a simple, unobtrusive style, an elegant ball or tapered end could be the right choice. If you're looking for something a bit more eye catching, decorative items may feature crystals or intricate metalwork.

How to measure for your curtain poles
When shopping for curtain poles, it's crucial that you get a set that fits around the window in the way you want them to, so careful measurements are important. To measure for your curtain poles: -

  • first measure the inside recess of the window.
  • Next, decide how far you want the curtain rods to overhang on either side of the window. This will create a space for the curtains to be drawn back and therefore allowing the full amount of light through the window. Generally, this measurement should be at least 15cm for each side of the window, although this may vary depending on your personal preference and the layout of the room.
  • Finally, simply add the measurements together to get the recommended length for your curtain poles.

Our pole & trimming supplier range includes:
Hallis Hudson, Swish, Integra, Hasta, Bryon & Bryon, Galleria and many more.


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